VIP “Tinertia” Event Invitation

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Do you love platformers? Super-fast speeds? Rocket launchers? Cute robots? Death, destruction, mayhem? WELL— the development team behind the action-platformer Tinertia are putting together an event that we’d like you to be a part of! Join us on Thursday, May 28th for “Official Rocket Jumping Day” with Tinertia, a new dynamic action-platformer with no jump button!

Tinertia is rocket-powered platforming geared toward the streaming generation and built on the premise of Quake-like fun, Sonic-like speed, and dynamic, precision controls. Addictive, surprising, and challenging, Tinertia makes gamers laugh while kicking their butt.

What, you may ask, is Official Rocket Jumping Day? It’s a social media event/phenomenon/gaming holiday that celebrates Tinertia and the games that inspired it — from Quake to Mario to Sonic. We’re inviting streamers, gamers, YouTubers, and action-platform fans to gather together and play Tinertia for one day, May 28th, and show the world how amazing it truly is.

So how do you get started on Official Rocket Jumping Day? What do you get in return?

  • You get an Early Access build of Tinertia, which gives you access to the development team and enables you to provide feedback in its early stages
  • Receive Beta codes to hand out during your stream/YouTube event/Twitter account
  • Promotion for your Twitch/YouTube channel in a press release, support your session via social media during the stream using Official Rocket Jumping Day hashtags
  • Connection with other Twitch Streamers and YouTubers who share love, passion and excitement for Tinertia

Key information on the event:

  • Who: Tinertia
  • What: Social Media Community Event Streaming Tinertia’s awesome rocket jumps, speed runs, and gameplay
  • When: Thursday, May 28th
  • Where: Your Twitch/YouTube channel!
  • Why: Because indie games and indie gamers are full of passion and make great games and the world should know