3 Artists That Design Kick-Ass Apparel

There’s not only an abundance of artistic talent circulating around galleries and museums, there’s a myriad of urban masterminds that showcase their creativity on the city’s gritty palettes. They paint elaborate murals on brick and concrete and laydown graphics throughout sidewalks during the wee hours of the night.They present enjoyable art to the public, and with the power of digital platforms expanding communication, it’s opened up new and exciting endeavors many within the realm of fashion.

This summer, add a splash of color to your wardrobe and get inspired from three artistic couturiers that’ve elevated their talents from concrete to cotton.

Lora Zombie

The imaginative array of animals and characters that live in the world of Lora Zombie gained the self-taught painter recognition in the urban art scene. She received a positive, and widespread response from circulating prints online and posting photos of bright murals she’s painted all over the globe, earning her a loyal following of collectors and fans. Her creations are not only wonderfully animated, they emulate her free-spirited and incredibly funky style. Check out the electrifying collection of apparel from her line, HEROTIME and refresh your wardrobe with her fun and vibrant designs.

Lora Zombie Mural in LA
HEROTIME by Lora Zombie, Panda Collection
HEROTIME by Lora Zombie, Banana Collection
HEROTIME by Lora Zombie, Spring Vibes Collection

Website | @lorazombie

Buff Monster

Starting out in the streets of LA over 15 years ago, Buff Monster left hundreds of his prints all over the streets. Now, he’s evolved into the International king of unique critters and one-of-a- kind cyclops characters which he paints on brightly-colored and bubbly landscapes. Shop a wide range of playful apparel and merchandise that includes stickers, patches and pins on his website, and don’t miss his up-n- coming fashion collaborations launched with brands like Converse, Black Milk Clothing and Kid Robot. @buffmonster

Buff Monster Mural at Coney Island
Buff Monster Collaboration with Black Milk Clothing
Buff Monster Collaboration with Converse
Buff Monster Collaboration with Kid Robot

Website | @buffmonster

Shantell Martin

Whether you’re hitting a yoga class, or relaxing at home, you’ll feel complete zen wearing Shantell’ Martin’s apparel. Her work is an engaging meditation of lines squiggled with a language of characters that weaves between reality and dreamlike whimsy. She not only offers a variety of unisex tees and tanks available for purchase on her website, she’s also collaborated with a variety of high-end brands. Check out her line of eyewear for Max Mara and her beautiful silk scarf collection with Slow Factory. She even has her own coloring book, WAVE with delightful and surreal illustrations that pair perfectly with a glass of wine to relax after a long day. @shantell_martin

Shantell Martin at Coney Art Walls
Shantell Martin, Are You You Unisex Tank Top
Shantell Martin, Someday Oneday Today Unisex T-Shirt
Shantell Martin Eyewear Collaboration with Max Mara

Website | @shantell_martin