90’s Throwback Halloween Costumes

The 90’s was a memorable era for movies, TV, music, and pop culture. Halloween is a great excuse to dress up as your favorite icon from the decade. Whether you’ve always dreamed of being Cher from Clueless, or can recite all three Ace Ventura movies, we’ve hand-picked a few that will make you the hero of the Halloween party.

Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons

The Simpsons are just as beloved today as they were in the 90’s, and this costumes has everything you need to transform into Lisa Simpson. If you’re celebrating with friends, do a group costume of the whole family. Couples could even be a Bart and Lisa costume duo.

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The Dude from The Big Lebowski

Who doesn’t love The Dude? And, his random collection of thoughts and dudism. Be the icon of the cult classic film, The Big Lebowski, and the life of any Halloween party.

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Cher from Clueless

Get ready to flip your hair back and say “Oh. My God. I’m totally buggin!” Cher was the most popular girl in High School. Every teenager wanted to be her, and her signature outfit will transform you into the starlet that made the movie ‘clueless’.

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Ace Ventura Pet Detective

The perfect excuse to reenact all your favorite scenes from Ace Ventura… while rocking a pink tutu! Any fan of the 90’s will love taking on the wacky role of the pet detective wearing this costume. Whether you’re at a Halloween party or bar hopping with friends, get ready to bring your most wackiest self!

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Arianna the Spartan Cheerleader

Whether you love the movie or a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, you can cheer your heart out just like Arianna in this authentic Spartan Cheerleader costume. Start practicing your moves! Make it a pair and have a friend dress up as Craig to fully pull off the spirited duo.

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Forrest from Forrest Gump

He may not be a smart man but he loved Jenny and did quite a few momentous things in his life. Any fan of the movie will enjoy wearing this costume. If you plan on bar hopping with buddies for Halloween be prepared to hear RUN FORREST! As you move from bar to bar.

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