Buff Monster Set to Launch New Melty Misfits Series

With the success of Series 2 on Kickstarter and after 3 years, the king of critters, Buff Monster is ready to work on Series 3 of The Melty Misfits.

The Melty Misfits is a set of vintage-style trading cards/stickers created by artist Buff Monster and produced by Sidekick Labs. The cards are offset printed using custom-mixed inks on custom-made sticker stock, kiss-cut and packaged in a vintage-style wax wrapper (each one is folded and sealed by hand, one at a time!). Over the last 5 years, 5 different versions of The Melty Misfits have been brought to life:

2012: Series 1 of The Melty Misfits
2013: The Sundae Gang (the Japanese version)
2014: The Metal Misfits
2014: Series 2 of The Melty Misfits
2017: Heladitos (the Spanish version)

Every stage of the process, from the design and painting to printing and packaging is intricate, and incredibly time-intensive. If the production costs are met, new and old fans from around the world can enjoy a new wave of Melty Misfits cards and stickers.

The Kickstarter campaign is officially live! Search “The Melty Misfits” on their site or click here to learn more, support the cause and make Series 3 of The Melty Misfits a reality!

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