Cheap Monday – Fashion with Attitude

Shopping at larger retailers certainly has its perks- they’re familiar. They occupy massive spaces and dominate hunks of strip malls. They’re convenient and centrally located. No matter what you’re seeking throughout their racks of clothes and displays of accessories, it feels as though there’s an endless supply of it.
Then, there are brands like brand Cheap Monday, off the beaten path that validates the great injustice we’re giving to our wardrobe and personal style.

A boutique gem that can be found in more than 35 countries and 1800 stores worldwide, discover a vast selection of one-of-a-kind garments and accessories that’ll exude your unique flair, and have you looking and feeling fabulous. Durable, fashionable jeans sans high-end designer prices and affordable edgier staples to add to your closet.

Dungaree Spray Black

Truly experts in black skinny and slim fit jeans, The Dungaree Spray is a classic that’s tapered nicely towards the ankle offering a more sophisticated feel. And, you’ll want to live in The Tight Turnout Black Jeans made in organic stretch fabric to give an incredibly comfy and effortlessly stylish look. Dress them down, or up!

Tight Turnout Black Jeans

Their tops and dresses are also all made in super flowy soft materials like organic cotton and jersey. Rock these bold stripes under an open denim shirt, leather or lightweight bomber jacket. Keep things simple with the rest of your outfit such as a pair of solid color flats or some well-worn boots.

Use Slash Stripe Dress

Standard Edge Odd Stripe Tee

Not only is their apparel a refreshing and practical alternative to your to-go commercial retailers, their tote bags are superbly cool and functional. Whether you’re heading to the beach friends, or picking up some fruits and veggies from your local market, they’re spacious and well-made. We also totally vibe with their hip skull logo featured on their apparel, accessories and jewelry.

Rapid Mesh Tote

B Bucket Hat

Rapid Prop Logo Tote

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