Creative Recreation Makes Princess of Chicago Rap The Face Of FA17 Campaign

The Fall 2017 marks a fundamental shift for the footwear brand that redirects the line’s focus to representing the up-and-coming artists of the world. Creative Recreation has joined forces with these creative movers and shakers, selecting them as the face of line meant for the hustling, urban dreamer.

Dreezy has a truly inspirational rise to success. The “Princess of Chicago Rap” grew up on the South Side and studied fine arts and songwriting to help overcome the adversities of growing up in the rough neighborhood she called home. Today, Dreezy has released multiple albums, mixtapes, and singles.

I have to go in and and go harder than every guy in the studio or else y’all not gonna take me serious, you know? Any female that’s out here doing her thing, I definitely got to give her her props and salute.

Dreezy rocks a number of different looks in the gallery below. The Fall 2017 collection will be available at select retailers nationwide and online at