Etsy Spotlight: Eleventh HouseWares Designs for Unique Décor

Turning the classic hobby of cross-stitching into sheer artistry, Susannah Leigh Caviness’s Etsy shop Eleventh HouseWares shows us that this craft is not only an activity for the old.

Her cool designs include everything and anything from rock band logos, and urban slang to movie quotes… all delightfully laid out to a dainty backdrop.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Susannah pulls her inspiration from all things witchy and mystical, as well as Astrology. “Astrology teaches us that the “Eleventh House” is a house of friendship, but it also speaks to our destiny — our hopes and dreams, what we desire and what we want to achieve. Here, our creativity and vision is heightened. The power of collective creation, as well creative sparks generated by our “tribe,” are also important in the Eleventh House. By banding together, we can create so much more.”

Whether you’re seeking a unique gift for a friend, or looking for something artsy, with a dash of humor to refresh your home Eleventh HouseWares designs has a delightful collection of home décor.

View her store on here