Etsy Spotlight: elseArt for Original Abstract Paintings

Abstract wall art is suitable for any home- not only does it look great only in modern decors, it can also complement nicely to a more traditional setting.

International artist Tim Woods, founder of elseArt uses exceptional abstract color palettes and his own distinct style that works wonderfully in any traditional or modern home giving it a refreshed feel.

He is very serious about each artwork. Every inch of canvas is examined with great care and edited for many times. His inspiration comes from my observations to the nature and the study of great masters of the past.

Tim majored in Fine Arts. After college, he work as a graphic product designer from 1997-2004, but do not give up painting during that time. In 2004, he start selling his digital art online. Then Tim quit his job and keep study painting all the day. Luckily he found ETSY on 2007 and sell has been selling his painting here since 2008.

Tim thinks his life belongs to art. Now art supports his life. Tim is not rich but very happy.

Step outside your comfort zone and check out elseArt, beautiful large-scale canvases designed with detail and color to brighten up a room and give it a fresh perspective.

Peaceful Beach Wrap Canvas

Shop elseArt’s full collection of abstract work via the Etsy shop and add a little artistic flair to your home or office.