Etsy Spotlight: Glitch Artwork Retro Arcade Shadowboxes

There was a time when all you could really get were posters designed for the walls of kids’ bedrooms. But now, there’s a huge array of video game art that grown adults can hang up that’s nostalgic to some of their favorite games of the 80’s and 90’s eras.

Glitch Artwork is hi-tech low-fi 3D art for those fond of old-school video games. Perfect to add a bit of unique character to your home, or they make the perfect gift for all your retro gamer buddies that love the golden era of arcade games.

Founder T-Bone, located in Toronto, has been a long-time fan of video games. On what inspired him to take his creativity to the next level he says “I wanted to pay tribute to these designers, programmers, artists, and visionaries. They did so much with so little. They took tiny grids of pixels and turned them into magic—space ships, heroes, monsters—all the wondrous fantasy elements, firing the player’s imagination.”

What makes Glitch Artwork different from the handful of other shadowbox artists is T-Bones ability to handcraft his work with a delightful 3D effect. Another added bonus is that each shadow box comes framed and ready to hang. He even offers cool gift wrapping – making this an ideal item for any guy or girl that loves arcade games.

Shop all the retro shadow boxes from the GlitchArt’s Etsy store.