Etsy Spotlight: MIRAKRIS Sculptures to Brighten Your Home Décor

Everyone wants to have a clean, bright and especially welcomed place named home. But, most of us have to spend a fortune trying to give a new face to our house. However, Mirakris colorful decorations, handmade with polymer clay can change your house fast and without making a hole in your pocket.

Mira, the Israel-based founder of MIRAKRIS has been working with Polymer Clay since 2005. All of her artwork is one of a kind, and she enjoys working with the Millefiori technique so every creation she decorates are hand-crafted to be unique and bring joy to someone else in their home. She also was the manager of the Israeli polymer clay (4 years) and today she’s a member in the international polymer clay association.

“I love colors, and in my art I use as many colors as I can, all my sculptures are handmade from polymer clay or by welding the basis. The process of creating my art is done, from beginning to end all by hand.”

“Every flower I sculpt from polymer clay so each piece is one of a kind and made with so much love.”

– Mira Pinki Krispil

Her artwork has been published in many magazines like American Style Magazine and professional books (about polymer clay), and her art took part in many exhibitions in Israel and around the world.

Visit MIRAKRIS on Etsy and add one of these delightful creations to your home or give the perfect gift that will brighten anyone’s day.