Etsy Spotlight: Pebble Blessed for Stones that Comfort, Guide & Protect

When our loved ones are experiencing a difficult time in their lives, these beautiful stones from Pebble Blessed will offer support, and make it easy to show that we care. Whether it’s from the loss of a loved one or pet, or a friend is doing through a heavy period, they will make a perfect gift to comfort the people we love during the time.

Whether your loved ones carry them in their pocket or display them in their home, each beautiful keepsake token comes in a lovely gift box with a sentimental note that shows you’re thinking of them.

Based in the UK, Blessed Pebble’s founder Laura Fisher is both a designer and painter. However, she came to the idea of Blessed Pebbles after a tragic accident in 2010. Her husband suddenly died leaving her with their four children.

After the incident, many people didn’t know what to say and she lost touch with many friends that started to avoid her instead of offering empathy.

“A small gesture means so much. It lets people know that you care, it can often mean the world to them. I created these beautiful stones so that they can be given to support and comfort. Something that can be given in times when the right words just seem unreachable. A small gesture that is filled with love and that will never be forgotten.”

Although years’ later, Laura remarried she will never forget the deep despair of grief she felt. It’s led her to create a spiritual concept that allow people from all over the world to show empathy to their loved ones with stones that comfort, guide and protect.

Visit Laura Fisher’s Etsy shop, Pebble Blessed and shop all her stones.