Fashion Brands with a Cause

As the holiday season approaches, we’re getting more and more into the spirit of giving back. It’s easy to get self-absorbed when it comes to fashion, however there’s something empowering about dressing to make the world a better place. Whether it be for climate change, poverty, autism or providing a child with a pair of shoes, there are retailers offering a unique opportunity that raises awareness of world issues.

Here are four inspiring companies and non-profit organizations who prove giving back is always in style.

The Giving Keys

Based out of L.A., these necklaces are made from re-purposed keys with your choice of several inspirational words engraved on them. The idea is to keep the necklace until you come across someone who needs the message of the key more than you. Then, you send in your story on the The Giving Key’s website. The company is also partnered with an organization called Chrysalis, which helps homeless people transition off the streets. The Giving Keys has also employed 19 people experiencing homelessness to date, aiding them in their journey to permanent housing.

Sock Problems

With many global issues facing the world today, Sock Problems fuses creative expression with making a difference. A California-based company that’s created a platform known as the intersection of socks and problems. They work with many organizations that tackle issues such as cancer, racism, climate change among others that includes the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy. For anyone passionate about ending animal extinction, the purchase of these ‘Undangered’ socks can send up to 50% of your sale to the wildlife conservancy.

The Parative Project

This Ohio-based company makes t-shirts that inspire conversation. In the tee shown above, the “every eight minutes” refers to children who are taken in South East Asia for human trafficking, every eight minutes. A portion of the proceeds of these shirts is given to organizations that help stop human trafficking.

Out of Print

Out of Print makes cute literary-themed accessories that also give back. With the purchase of any of their items like this canvas travel pouch which features banned books printed in a typewriter font, the brand sends a book to a community in need.