NEED – For the Fashionably Hip Male

NEED is a quintessential brand for the career-driven man, that’s highly motivated and extremely busy. Refined quality garments that are interchangeable and tailored for dynamic, passionate individuals; designers, photographers, authors, creators. NEED apparel aims to fit into the lives of an ever-growing creative community filled with the fashionably hard-working.

Whether your closet is in need new basics, or you’ve come to realize your wardrobe consists of too much attire splashed with logos, NEED has wonderful essentials that are functional and effortlessly stylish.

Slim Chino

Swap out your black jeans and khaki’s for pairs of their chinos. Available in warm colors like coffee and olive, whether your ideal fit is relaxed or tapered you’ll be sitting pretty, and staying on-point during those extra-long meetings.

Down Chino

Logo Hoodie

A soon-to-be staple for casual weekends, or when heading out the door in a rush you’ll love the unembellished design and durable make of their logo hoodie. Complete with a kangaroo-style pouch pocket to ensure your wallet and keys never go missing.

Upside T in White

Keep em’ on their toes with this clever t-shirt featuring an upside down smile. Made to feel so soft that you’ll find yourself wearing it on both humid summer days with your favorite pair of board shorts as well as an added layer to brave the cold.

Denim Jacket

Every guy needs a timeless denim jacket, and this one is all about the 90’s throwback. The no-stretch Denim Jacket in 96 offers the ultimate classic fit that will never veer you from looking simply stylish.