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How to wear Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are the trend that came out of nowhere, but I’m happy it did. They are super comfortable pants that are extremely versatile. As you will see in the video above there are many ways to style joggers. You can dress them up for work, or you

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3 Braids in 3 Minutes Video

Fishtail, Dutch, four-strand oh my!! Braids have been slowly creeping on to the red carpet. Beauties such as Emma Stone and Nina Dobrev have been seen rocking braids at high profile events.. and for good reason. Braids can be both laid back, and

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Fashion Resolutions 2015

With the New Year comes New Years resolutions. This year, instead of picking a clichéd one (i.e. lose weight, volunteer, save money etc.) that inevitably gets broken by February, here at Static we are creating style and beauty specific resolutions

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