Peep the My Little Pony x ColourPop Limited-Edition Rainbow Make-up Collection

Our childhood dreams just came true.

In celebration of the upcoming My Little Pony movie being released this Friday, the beauty brand ColourPop has created a limited-edition cosmetic collection inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood toy. Set to be released on October 5 via ColourPop, the 14-piece line includes eyeshadows, brushes, highlighters and their trademark lippies. With prices ranging from $5-$22 anyone can afford these “pony palettes.”

Each product is infused with an appropriate amount of shimmer, with every color named after a specific pony. In their eyeshadow palette you’ll find fall shades of orange, deep red, and beige, but there’s also a shimmery purple and pink as well. It’s all the conventional hues you can possibly need with a few mystical twists. For a bolder look, try the single Super Shock Shadows, a more vibrant play on the same color scheme.

We also love that their signature lippies are available in both glossy and matte iterations. There are three Super Glossy Lips, Flutter Valley, Dream Castle, and Ponyland, as well as three Ultra Matte Lips, Moondancer, Lemon Drop, and Pin Wheel.

Mark your calendars and get your wallets ready. The My Little Pony x ColourPop collection will not only make you feel nostalgic for your totally ’80s youth, there’s never been a mystical creature collab that’s this wearable.