Simple Halloween Food Fun

Halloween is the time of year for scary recipes. Unfortunately, most of them take a lot of time to prepare and are too complicated to perfect. Here are a few ideas that are quick and easy!

Finger on a Bun

Simply take a hot dog and carve the skin of the tip in the shape of a nail (the color will be lighter underneath). Make some cuts about ½ “ to 3/4 “ long on the opposite end of the dog. The only thing left is to put the dog in boiling water and cook per instructions. The slit end should curl back so when placed in a bun with catsup it will look like a finger pulled from a hand.

Cream Cheese Crackers Looking Back at You

Take an oval cracker spread cream cheese over the entire surface, but at one end pile on a little more like a backstop. Take an olive with pimento and cut it in half ( 2 whole olives is a little too much). Place the halves on the backstop and Bingo, something’s watching you take a bite.

Poltergeist Pudding

Everyone has done a variation of using chocolate pudding in a graveyard scene. Well here is ours … make your pudding per package instructions and take an oval sandwich cookie to use as the headstone. Then take one or 2 gummy worms and stick them in the pudding as if they coming out of the ground. Another way would be to follow the same instructions as above but take a sugar wafer cookie, break it in half and set the halves at site angle with the gummy worm in the middle as if pushing itself out of the grave. Writing ‘RIP’ with a small decorating tube on the headstones is also a fun addition.