Six Stylish Umbrella’s to Make Rainy Days Fabulous

Umbrellas fall into the same category as sunglasses, keys, and (soon enough) EarPods: They’re all notorious for getting lost. That’s the reason most settle for a not-so-great piece of nylon with a cheap plastic handle—they’re not expecting it to be around for the long haul.

But we don’t agree with that logic. We’re of the opinion that a decent, well-crafted umbrella is the type of investment that you won’t soon forget about in a bar. Like a trusty backpack or purse, it’s the type of finishing touch you’ll always have your eye on because you actually care about it. The best part is you don’t have to spend a small fortune on one—Here are 6 of our favorites that might even get you excited about a rainy day.

Flowers Bubble Umbrella by Shed Rain

With this dome umbrella, you can see out, but the rain can’t get in. Along with a flowery design, choose from fun prints like polka dots and cherries to pineapples and flamingos.

Cats and Dogs Umbrella by Umbrella Heaven

When it rains cats and dogs, you’ll remain both dry and stylish! A funky print that’ll raise the mood of any onlooker on those dreary dark days.

Van Gogh Starry Night Folding Umbrella by

How could you not even get a little excited to sport Van Gogh’s most famous painting, starry night during those stormy days?

Tartan Telescopic Umbrella by Barbour

Practical, well-made and designed in a delightful plaid pattern, it’s perfect for all your rainy work commutes.

Raining Butterflies Umbrella by Fulton

A fashionable dome shape and delightful butterfly design that even through a storm, you can’t help but look up at and smile and its stylish design.

Rainbow Umbrella by Niello

These vibrant colors lift any dark and dreary mood. And, the extra-large canopy ensures you stay dry through any storm.