Unique Sculptures by ‘DaRk Metal Art’ Store on

Whether you’re seeking new décor for your desk at the office, a gift for an artsy confidant, or you’re an avid fan of motorcycles, DaRk Metal Art specializes in custom built, one-of-a-kind decorations that are truly remarkable. Hand-crafted from metal motorcycles and metal scraps, no two builds are exactly the same.

David working
Founded in 2012 by David and Rachel Monday, a couple from Plainfield, IN what once started as a hobby, DaRK Metal Art has blossomed into a business with a customer base from all across the map.

The name also pays tribute to their family, says founder Rachel Monday. “We chose the name “DaRk” Metal Art, because each letter represents the name of a member of our family. Both of us (David & Rachel) have a hand in the building process, but David is the master welder! Our two children are a big inspiration, and our six year old son is our BIGGEST critic!!”

Visit DaRk Metal Art today at Etsy and choose your favorite sculptures.