What Will You Be For Halloween?

Fall is offically here and with fall comes shorter days, falling leaves, and one of the best days of the year: Halloween.

Halloween is the one day of the year when you can go all out and get creative as you possibly can. Halloween may be over a month away, but it is never too early to start thinking about your costume. Do you want to go clever? Funny? Fashionable? Scary? The options are only limited by your creativity. If you need some help getting your creative juices flowing read on to see my top six costumes ideas for this Halloween.

Scream QueensThe Chanels from Scream Queens

I have only seen the pilot but I can already tell Scream Queens is going to be my Fall TV obsession. In case you missed it, the show centers on brutal killings at a sorority house. The leader of the house is a bad ass popular girl named Chanel. Chanel is so bad ass she did not bother learning the names of her other “friends,” and just named them Chanel (#3 and #5) also, hence, the Chanels. This costume is great for a group of friends, and you all will look super chic and fashion forward. All you need for this costume is structured skirts or dresses, (faux) fur, heels, and attitude, and your best RBF.

MCDCLUE EC034Dionne and Cher from Clueless

The 90’s are making a comeback, so why not base your costume on a classic 90’s teen movie. Dionne and Cher’s plaid uniforms are great for Halloween costumes because they are iconic, bold, and stylish.

Owen JWOwen from Jurassic World

Here’s one for the guys. Jurassic World was the blockbuster of the summer, so why not dress up as the world’s best Raptor trainer, Owen. The best part about this outfit is that you could probably put it together with things you already have in our closet. All you need is jeans, a vest, boots, and a casual button up. Top it all off with some sweat and dirt so it looks like you have been hanging out with dinosaurs all day.

Carrie bradshawCarrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

I love this outfit idea because you could go in so many different directions. There were so many great outfits throughout the course of the show and the two movies, but the one I am suggesting is the simple tutu dress from the shows opening credits. It is simple, girly, and fun, and again, it would not be hard or expensive to put together.

Calvin Klein modelsCalvin Klein Models

Couples need Halloween costumes too. May I suggest being Calvin Klein models, specifically Justin Bieber and Lara Stone. This ad look the world by storm, and it would be so fun to play off of that, even if you don’t have “model” bodies. All you need is Calvin Klein underwear, drum sticks, and some fun temporary tattoos (that is if you don’t have real ones already). With this costume, you and your bf/gf can strut into any party.

Left sharkLeft Shark from the Super Bowl

– because why not? Halloween is supposed to be fun, and this costume is just that.

Trick or Treat!