Youtubers Dish DIY Fashion Hacks

DIY fashion might seem like a foreign term, however there’s lots of benefits of learning its tricks to the trade. You don’t even need a needle and thread! Turn a tee into a cardigan or a dress into a mini skirt with just a new snips. Restyle old tops in fun designs like fringe or with criss-cross cut-outs. You can even turn them into funky accessories like scarves and headbands.

With the abundance of DIY fashion videos on YouTube we pulled a few of the best to showcase all the incredible looks you can make from your old stuff.

Carah Amelie – 6 Old T-Shirt Hacks

This fashionista offers some exceptional tips on how to reinvent your old tees. Perfect for any first timers that want to start simple, the video is a fabulous tutorial on how to make the perfect cropped fringed shirt. You’ll even be surprised to learn how your old apparel can be transformed into trendy slouch bags, playful headbands and cool aprons.

SaraBeautyCorner – DIY Clothes

Not only do we love Sara’s style but she does an exceptional job getting us inspired to refresh our old apparel. Her creative ideas include adding a few patches to old jeans to give them a unique flair, or blending sharpies and rubbing alcohol to give shirts a beautiful marbled effect. Her homemade tie-die and galaxy designs are also out of this world.

Blossom – Last Minute Life Hacks

Blossom presents simple, fun and useful ideas to make the most out of your worn-out wardrobe. Did you ever think you could turn boxer briefs into a sports bra? You’ll also appreciate her fashion hacks that shows you how to easily remove those icky dirt and mud stains from your shoes and polish all your accessories.