H&M Launches H&M Studio SS19

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On March 11th -13th H&M presented its Studio SS19 collection via an immersive theatre event in Sedona, Arizona. A global audience of ambassadors and media were invited to participate in a scripted narrative based on the collection’s muse, “The Glam Explorer”.

The event was led by three fictitious friends who acted as hosts and took the guests through dramaturgical scripted scenes. Immersive details such as secret personal messages, a scripted fake radio show and a fake morning newspaper were planted as part of the story to engage the guests.

The unique format of immersive theatre allowed our guests, customers and fans to step into a fully realised world of the SS19 collection

H&M’s customers and fans can follow and be part of the event through interactive activities on social media #HMStudio. The collection will be sold in selected stores and online from March 21st.

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