Lume Swimwear Features Wearable Art

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Paula Daza-Chenu is the creator of Lume Swimwear, an eclectic and thoughtful swimwear line known for its expressive designs. Edgar Medina’s is the artist whose work directly inspired the prints of the swimwear.

“My paintings are considered Contemporary Abstracts, full of energy, bold and inspirational.

The scope of my work varies, and each has a different conceptual inspiration and is infused with a positive message that encourages me to believe in myself and inspire others.

In my experience, collectors initially love the aesthetics of the paintings, but when I explain the inspiration and message behind it, they fall in love with the piece.”

-Edgar Medina


Paula Daza-Chenu and Edgar Medina met when she walked into a gallery in 2015 and saw his art work. She fell in love immediately with his work because it was vibrant and embodies the spirit of Lume. When she asked the gallery owner who the artist was, Edgar walked through the door. They began speaking and had an interesting chemistry, through their interaction Paula realized they shared the same values that they can help others through art.

Lume Swimwear pays the artist a percentage of sales for their designs and 10% of the proceeds then also go to the foundation Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar that helps underprivileged children.

Lume Swimwear