Picapalooza Announces First Winner For Cause Based Challenges

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Picapalooza has announced it’s first ever Creator Prize given to Sam Freckman of Georgia for his submission to the platform’s “Rap Your Order” challenge. In addition to receiving $1,000 for his video, Sam’s charity of choice, Cherokee County Animal Shelter, received a check for $500, rounding out Picapalooza’s model of Create, Win and Help.

If getting paid and helping his favorite cause was not enough, Sam received another reward coveted by all video creators: YouTube Fame! Following a tweet from the legendary Snoop Dog, Sam’s video streamed over 3 Million times, and his social following went from a few hundred, to tens of thousands.

Picapalooza is the first, and only, platform which focuses on creator incentives, including a cash prize for the winner, and a charitable contribution for the winner’s chosen cause. “Don’t just WATCH the fun, BE the fun!” The Co-Inspired Challenges prescribes a few elements to ensure original video and dynamic content, while leaving lots of creative headroom for Creators to stand out from the crowd. The five pillars to onboard existing and novice creators are: Cash, Cause, Status, Reputation, & Bonding.

“The digital ecosystem doesn’t effectively incent and onboard Gen Z Creators, rewarding only the top 1%, leaving most watching from the sidelines.” Says CEO, Steve Rabb. “In addition, advertisers struggle to engage with this youth market that easily blocks ads and usually ignores purely transactional offers. Literally billions of ad dollars are looking for a better way to reach this huge population.”

The Picapalooza brand is positive and aspirational by design, tapping into the high demand for social bonding and desire for meaning through cause. In direct response to offer a safe, secure and bully-free environment, the team at Picapalooza closely manages video commenting to make the environment an oasis from trolls and ugly chatter. Picapalooza’s business model is built around leveraging their influencer and creator network for efficient acquisition, while aligning brands with quirky, authentic challenges to inspire monetizable content for both creators and partners.

“Our mission, Be Fun, Do Good, is a call for this generation to find their Creator and Cause voice, with Picapalooza as their partner and dashboard.”

To learn more about Picapalooza, and to enter one of their Challenges, visit their official site and social properties: