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If you’re seeking new artwork for your home or office head to Modern Textures creates astonishing and unique pieces of furnishings and wall art that you won’t find at any retail store; timeless pieces that you can enjoy forever, built to last and made with love.

Colorblock Collection Set. 12×24 each

Starting in 2010 in Tulsa, Oklahoma founder Henry Toro uses reclaimed wood to build these remarkable pieces.

“I have always had the entrepreneurial bug in me and have always wanted to have my own business. On the other hand, creating, drawing and designing things have always been something that I have really enjoyed doing since I was a child. Etsy have been a great venue to channel that energy.”

From Fence wood, poplar, cedar, alder and maple, the look and feel are amazing with the intricate process to produce these stand-out pieces.

With well over a thousand sales since the company started, people from all over the US are thrilled to add these wonderful wooden artworks to their home.

Visit Modern Textures at Etsy and get inspired to refresh your walls.