90’s Cult Classic ‘Disembodied’ Arriving on Blu-ray

Deviant. Psychotic. Demented.

The story of Connie Sproutz, a likeable young woman with the sad problem of a spore-generating deformity on her face which causes difficulties in her day-to-day life such as dissolving into a gelatinous mass anyone who is to be devoured by the neural parasite that inhabits her skull, which is empty due to the fact that she stores her brain in a jar beside her bed.

Disembodied is a body-horror film with Connie Sproutz after finding out that she is genetic experiment with half-human/haf-extraterrestrial DNA. She takes refuge in a place that may be the most rundown place in cinema.

Disembodied is Basket Case meets Slime City, and fans need to seek this film out. Disembodied will be on Blu-ray and VOD April 10th!