An “Immature” Gus Fring Returns to ‘Better Call Saul’

When it was first announced several years back that Better Call Saul would be part prequel series to the acclaimed show Breaking Bad, fans have been anxious to see the return of three key characters: Walt, Jesse, and Gus Fring. If you’re unfamiliar, the latter of those three names was a drug lord who served as the key villain for the series. Unlike many of the other baddies Walt had come across up to that point in the show, Gus was a fresh new threat. He was calm, collected, reasonable, and careful — a perfect counterpoint for Walt.

While Gus Fring’s fate has already been sealed in Breaking Bad, there was still a lot of territory to explore at the front end of his life — the parts that interacted with Better Call Saul’s leading man, Saul Goodman. It’s been a few years in the making, but we’ll finally be seeing Gus return to the franchise, as was revealed in a recent promo for the show.

But don’t expect Gus to be the man we knew in the show, at least not completely. While speaking at a TV Critics Association panel, actor Giancarlo Esposito, who brings Gus to life in the show

“I had to remind myself in coming back to be really present with the character, and that in this time, he’s more immature. He’s still finding his way… So I’m excited to be back. Certainly, Vince has described to me a situation where Gus is a very cagey character… he was a guy who wanted revenge, a guy who wanted to create a business, but he was also a guy who was very caring with his people. So I want to see where we go with it, and sometimes it’s more exciting to have a character who’s more mysterious.”

We’ll definitely be eagerly waiting to see what kinds of trials and tribulations Gus puts Saul through in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Season 3 of Better Call Saul hits this April on AMC!