Armin Siljkovic Presents ‘Death Waits For No Man”

Armin Silkkovic is the writer/director of a promising new noir-thriller called Death Waits for No Man.

The movie tells of a neon art collector seduces a lone drifter into killing her abusive husband.
Death doesn’t wait and doesn’t forget…

Siljkovic talks about what is like for an independent film maker.

Is filmmaking what you do for a living, sir?

It is now, but it wasn’t for many, many years.

And I guess that’s one thing most folks don’t get about independent filmmaking – unless you make a Star Wars or a Saw you’ve still got to ‘pay the rent’ by working for the man.

Right, most of us aren’t trust-fund kids. We have to support ourselves while pursuing our career in the film business. But this is the case for most art forms, not just filmmaking. You have to be a grown-up and pay your bills until you “make it”.

You also need a strong support system behind you, I imagine?

It certainly helps to have people around you who believe in you. And in times when that’s not the case, you have to believe in yourself, that you’re on the right path and that you just have to keep at it, work your ass off, and not give up.

Do you have a lot at stake – even personal investment – tied up in your productions?

When you make your first feature film, you feel that your entire career is at stake. The film is your calling card, it’s your “entry” into the big leagues, so to say. So you put a lot of pressure on yourself. And on top of that, I’m also one of the investors in the film, so that’s even more pressure. But that’s pretty common for first-time filmmakers.

When do you consider the risk worthwhile?

You have to take risks. Nothing great ever came from playing it safe. If you’re not willing to take risks, you have no business being an artist, in my opinion. Especially if it’s your first film (or book, or album, etc.), you have to take risks in order to stand out. Nobody notices the artist who plays it safe.

Do you have a plan for your career?

I have written several other films that I hope to make in the future, so hopefully Death Waits For No Man will open those doors.

Would you prefer to keep working on original productions or would you be quite happy if, say, a major studio asked you to helm their next big franchise?

It all depends on the project. I’d prefer working on my own, original films, but I think that’s the case for most filmmakers. And if it’s someone else’s project, it has to be the right fit. There’s no point in taking on a job that you’re not passionate about and believe in, especially at the beginning of your career.

When do you think we might see the movie release?

It’ll be released this Fall.

Now that you’ve got one film under your belt, do you think doors will open for you?

I sure hope so.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given from anyone?

That whatever you’re working on, it has to be really important to you. It has to mean something to you, and you have to be the most passionate person about your project. If you’re not, no one else will be.

Look for Death Waits For No Man in theaters this fall starring Angelique Pretorius, Bradley Snedeker and Corey Rieger