Blake Lively Could Be In Sex and the City Prequel

Grazie Magazine is reporting that studio executives are in talks to bring the novel written by Candace Bushnell, The Carrie Diaries, which is based off Carrie Bradshaw’s life before she moved to New York City and met Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, to the big screen.

And who does Sex and the City writer/director/producer Michael Patrick King want to play Carrie Bradshaw? None other than Gossip Girl Blake Lively is his first choice. Lively is already used to gossiping around NYC, the choice is perfect.

The film is said to feature fresh-faced stars who play younger versions of Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. An insider told the magazine, “The prequel is about breathing new life into the story and exploring Carrie’s first few months in NYC and the beginning of her relationship with an older man.”

What do you think Sex and the City fans? Is Blake Lively perfect for a young Carrie Bradshaw? Who should play the other city girls? Hopefully Michael Patrick King gives us some more information soon.