Bradley Cooper May Star In ‘The Crow’


Bradley Cooper has been making tons of movies lately. His latest, Limitless, was number one at the box office, and his next film, The Hangover 2, is on everyone’s list of movies they can’t wait to see. Cooper could be adding another film to his resume very soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he is in talks to star in the remake of the 1994 film The Crow.

The film centers around a slain rocker who is returning from the dead to avenge his death. The original star in 1994 was Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee. Reports say Cooper recently flew to Spain to met with the film’s director, Juan Carlo Fresnadillo, and it is being developed rapidly. Mark Wahlberg has been linked tot he film as well, but he recently dropped out, leaving the spot open to Cooper.

Can you picture gorgeous blond Cooper as a gothic rocker? We think he can pull it off, do you?