Bryan Singer on How ‘X-Men’ TV Show Will Be Different From Movies

It’s admittedly been a bit tough to get super excited at the prospect of seeing the X-Men on TV. We have, after all, had countless movies regularly hit theaters since the early-2000s, so how can a television show possible compare, in the grand scheme of things? However, it got a bit easier to stomach when it was revealed that X-Men overlord Bryan Singer would be taking the directorial reins in not just the first, but the first and second episodes of the upcoming series.

Needless to say, this brings up many questions for fans such as, how will the X-Men series differ from the films? Will it be set in the same universe? Will they use the same approach as Marvel where their films kind of exist in the same universe…but really mostly aren’t? While the connection between the X-Men films and movies is still currently unclear, Singer did reveal that the Fox production actually has a pretty close relationship to Marvel Television — which is nothing like the relationship between Fox and Marvel Studios on the film front:

“Marvel Studios, they do their own films, then Fox Studios, we sort of do them separately when I make the X-Men. Marvel Television is different. Their TV division works more closely with Fox. I’m actually directing one for Fox network, an X-Men related television show, which we started prepping today. Their television people work with us. It’s nice because we get backstory, we get information. I can’t read every comic book. So I want as much input as possible.”

Now does this mean any crossovers between Marvel TV and Fox could ever be in the works? Likely not. However, it is nice to hear that Marvel has some input here, as they’ve been killing it with a lot of their TV shows. We definitely hope Fox is able to do the same with this X-Men show. Luckily for us, Singer understands full and well the differences between the mediums.

“I’ve had great success with my TV show House on television. I love the format. I think it’s growing. Some of the best writing is in television. And you can tell stories over long stretches of time. It’s not the two-hour experience, it could be years of an experience. So why not take a universe that’s so multi-faceted like X-Men and bring it to this medium?”

And therein lies the biggest potential strength in this — multi-faceted, longform storytelling.

Here’s hoping they’re able to make it work.