Can The Kid distinguish itself as yet another outlaw Western?

A star-studded coming-of-age story in a dangerous and exciting world, the thrilling western and Vincent D’Onofrio’s directorial debut The Kid attempts a fresh perspective on the infamous outlaw.

The American Southwest, 1879. Penniless people fight for their lives to get by in towns just born. Lawlessness. In this violent, stirring world, 13-year-old Rio (Jake Schur) has decisions to make. His abusive father is beating his mother, as he has done so many times before. Rio steals his father’s gun and shoots him dead. But, horribly, his mother has already died.

Rio has saved himself, and his older, teenage sister Sara (Leila), but their brutal uncle Grant (Chris Pratt) will soon be on their tail. Rio and Sara are forced to go on the run across the Southwest, where he meets Sheriff Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke), who is on the hunt for the outlaw, Billy the Kid. Amidst these two men, both flawed, Rio must choose what kind of man he is going to become, and how he is going to save himself and his sister.

Hawke, the ever-creative actor/director/screenwriter/documentarian/novelist, is just coming off what many are considering a snub at the Academy Awards, for his outstanding performance as a lonely pastor in First Reformed. Or, as The New York Times’s Andrew Martin put it—“O.K., no one deserves an Oscar nomination.” Hawke, no stranger to the screen (in 2016 alone, he starred in five films), is set to perform in at least two other films in 2019 thus far, including Cut Throat City (alongside Terrence Howard and Wesley Snipes) and Adopt a Highway (Elaine Hendrix).

Costar DeHaan, too, has established himself as a formidable presence in film and is currently one of the most sought after actors of his generation.

Catch The Kid in theaters this Friday, March 8.