‘Contagion’ Number One at Box Office


It took a wide spreading deadly virus to knock The Help off of its box office throne that it held for three weeks. Contagion, by Steven Soderbergh, debuting at number one and earned an estimated $23.1 million. It also beat three other debut films for the top spot.The film had a star-studded cast, a director with a solid track record, it generated good reviews, and had very little competition.

The Help held strong to the number two spot, earning $8.7 million, down 41% from last weekend. It’s hard to believe that was good enough for second place. Its five-week total comes out to $137.1 million.

One of this weekends other new releases was Warrior, which debuted in third, earning about $5.6 million. Although it generated decent reviews, and strong word-of-mouth, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are not box office draws… yet.

The Debt came in fourth, earning $4.9 million, which is down 51% in one weekend. Its two-week total of $22.0 million. Rounding out the top five was Columbiana, which earned $4 million, a 46% drop from last weekend. Its three-week total of $29.8 million

The other two wide releases were Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star and Creature. Bucky is the latest film from Adam Sandler’s company, and only opened on 1,500 screens but pulled in just an estimated $1.4 million, debuting at No. 15. Creature opened on 1,507 screens and earned only $331,000, making its debut in 26th place. Ouch.

What did you see this weekend?