Director Brent Ryan Green Releases “The Veil”

Growing up, writer/director/producer Brent Ryan Green didn’t want to make movies. So how did it happen that the producer turned director is behind one of the biggest fantasy action movies opening this month, The Veil?

The Veil is set in a war-torn land where tribal factions live in fear of annihilation, and tells the story of a deadly warrior leading a destructive war campaign. When he is betrayed by his own and left for dead, he is healed by a mysterious princess and taken in by a hidden tribe that believes he was chosen to wage a final battle.

How does one get into filmmaking? Or let me rephrase that, how did you?

Growing up, I never dreamed or even thought about making films. It wasn’t until I was in college and had a chance opportunity to go work on a film. Even then I had no desire to work in movie business, I just thought it would be a fun adventure. After working on that film in Panama for 4 months though, it changed everything. The process of making film, bring hundreds of people together to tell a visual story… I was hooked.

For other people I would do the same. Try and get work as a PA on a film. Just it being hard, you will gain so much insight. At the same time ,just start making your own film.

How did get involved in The Veil?

The Veil was something that Jeff Goldberg, the writer and producer, and I came up with. While working for 4 years on short films, we had been looking for the perfect feature project. But after reading hundreds of script it was clear we would have to develop something ourselves.

This being my first feature film, we had to be strategic about the script. We knew my home state of Oklahoma would be a perfect place to film. Oklahoma has a 37% cash back rebate program and some really amazing locations that had not been filmed before. That along with what we thought was an attainable budget in mind was the genesis of the project.

Have you your own production company? Is that a necessity if you want to make a movie?

Not at all, but it doesn’t hurt. Just depends on what you are trying to do. Most films need to set up there own separate LLC anyways. The advantage of having a production company would be things like insurance and infrastructure. I think it’s better to have little to no overhead and be as flexible as possible. Even right now Toy Gun Films currently has no full time employees. We just staff up as needed based on the project.

How many hats did you wear on this movie?

I was the director and producer of the film. So everything that comes with that and probably a little more. But we had hundreds of amazing cast and crew who all gave 100% to the film, which without it wouldn’t have been possible.

Is there anything about the independent filmmaking business you still struggle with?

The whole thing is a struggle. Distribution is very tough. Unless you project is an extremely micro budget. You have to make the film with distribution not only in mind but planned out ahead of time. Otherwise you will end up with a very expensive film and nowhere for it to go.

Where do you think your strengths lie as a filmmaker?

I just love visual story telling. Bringing all the departments together and creating a team of creative people is what excites me. I love being on set with the cast and crew. The process of filming the movie is the best part by far.

How important is marketing? Do you think a project can make any dent without it these days?

Even with marketing I am not sure you can make a dent. It’s by far my least favorite part. I just love making the films and really rely on sales agents and distributors for that part. That being said you really can’t take you eye off any apart of the process or trust someone else to go above and beyond. So you have to stay involved and connect to the whole process.

What do you hope audiences get from it?

I hope they have an entertaining time. There is more to the film but that’s all icing on the cake. I also hope all the William levy fans get to see him in a new light. As a true action star.

The Veil – now showing in select theaters and available on digital.