John Carpenter's 'The Fog' Returns for Halloween

John Carpenter’s first post-Halloween venture into the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired, apocalyptic vein that he would continue to mine in films like The Thing (1982) and Prince of Darkness (1987), The Fog depicts the seaside California town of Antonio Bay in the grips of an ancient curse and a creeping mist. Drenched in malevolent atmosphere and packing an ensemble cast that includes Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, Hal Holbrook and the mother-daughter duo of Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis, this is the director at his ingenious, chilling best, servicing a contemporary taste for gore while simultaneously evoking the spirit of Val Lewton. Out of theatrical release for years due to faded, unplayable prints, The Fog can now be viewed again as it was intended, with this new 4K restoration by Studiocanal, with its breathtaking color cinematography by Dean Cundey (Escape From New York, Back To The Future (I-III), Apollo 13, Romancing The Stone), who deftly captured both the daylight beauty of the Point Reyes shore and the ghostly goings-on in the dark, eerie night. The 4K Restoration of John Carpenter’s The Fog opens in New York, Los Angeles and major cities across the country on Friday, October 26th. Booked in 50 Theaters Across the US Including:
  • The Metrograph, New York
  • Landmark’s Nuart Theatre, Los Angeles
  • The Music Box Theatre, Chicago
  • The Carolina Theatre, Durham
  • Regent Square Theatre, Pittsburgh (Star Tom Atkins will appear opening night)
  • Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
  • Hollywood, Portland OR
  • The Senator Theatre, Baltimore
  • The Texas Theatre, Dallas
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas nationwide (Including Austin and key Texas cities)