Once Upon a Time: Do You Believe in Magic?

In last night’s 2 hour Season 5 finale, Regina grieves Robin Hood’s death and Henry sets out to destroy all magic, which he believes is the cause of everyone’s problems. He heads out to NYC with his grandfather following in an attempt to stop him. Rumple needs Hades Crystal to bring Belle out of her sleeping spell, which Henry now has.

Emma and Regina join the chase to find Henry before Gold does. Of course, Gold find gets to him first, retrieves
Hades Crystal. But before he can remove Belle from Pandora’s box, Belle gets sucked into a portal.

Meanwhile, Snow, David, Hook and Zelena are imprisoned in another realm where Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reside. The same realm that Belle got sucked into.

Once it is discovered that Snow, David, Hook and Zelena and now Belle, are trapped, Henry convinces New Yorkers to believe in magic to bring them back. Because of the power of a united crowd, Snow, David, Hook and Zelena magically appear in a wishing fountain.

Back in Story Brooke Emma finally declares her love to Hook.
Is it just a coincident or sign that they are standing in front of a wedding shop across the street?

However, season finales cannot end on a happy ending. Regina has separated from the Evil Queen with the help of Dr. Jekyll and kills her – or so she thinks. So the Evil Queen is back and so Mr. Hyde who is now in charge of Story Brooke.

Once Upon a Time airs on ABC.