'Pandas' Documentary Narrated by Kristen Bell Expands into IMAX Theaters

IMAX and Warner Bros. Pictures today announced that the Kristen Bell-narrated IMAX documentary adventure Pandas, a heartwarming global story about reintroducing captive-born pandas to the wild, will expand into IMAX theatres across North America for a special one-week engagement, beginning August 17th. “We are so proud of this movie and how audiences have embraced the importance of protecting and providing for these endangered creatures,” said writer/producer Drew Fellman, who also co- directed the film with David Douglas. “We hope that the wider release of Pandas will provide a greater emphasis on the work that is being done in China and help create ongoing awareness of the exciting new programs in place for Panda conservation.” Pandas takes audiences on a remarkable journey to China, immersing them in an adventure starring the adorable, beloved species – Giant Pandas. Go behind the scenes with IMAX into a rarely seen world of captive-born pandas and meet a young cub named Qian Qian, the delightful, bamboo-loving star, as she prepares to go wild. IMAX Entertainment presents, in association with IMAX Documentary Films Capital, Jin Yi Culture Investment (HK) and Panda Productions, Pandas. This film, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and IMAX, was released in limited IMAX and IMAX 3D theatres on April 18, 2018, with a commercial expansion starting August 17, 2018. The film is rated G.