‘Power Rangers’: Concept Art Gives Us Our First Look At Alpha 5

Thus far, the marketing for the upcoming Power Rangers movie seems to be doing quite the solid job doing what they do. They’ve released posters and a teaser showing what to expect next year from the action flick, and it all looks pretty good. With the release of the trailer a few weeks back, we finally got a taste for the tone and style, and it’s looking like quite the departure from the original series.

With that in mind, fans have been wondering what to expect from Alpha 5, Zordon’s robot assistant who runs the Command Center. Back in 1990s, you were able to get away with a silly robot that screamed “ay yi yi yi!” all the time, but in today’s day and age, that kind of talk would only stink up the theater. My personal guess would have been that they’d nix Alpha altogether, but the marketing has already announced that SNL alum Bill Hader would be providing the voice for the character, so there was no backing out now.

Now, IGN has revealed a couple pieces of concept art that give us our first look into the alien robot.

[foogallery id=”115139″]

As you can see, Alpha 5 has a much more organic look this time around, adding to the more grounded nature of this film, as indicated by that first teaser. While it’s unlikely the character will look exactly as portrayed in this image, it’ll likely end up pretty similar. Now the big question is what type of voice Hader will provide for the voice. The cheesy one from the show will likely have no place, but they’ll undoubtedly try to at least capture the spirit of the original character.

Of course, Hader is no novice to this biz. In addition to be a standard live-action actor, he’s also provided voices aplenty on TV shows and animated films, and has even provided the voice for one other iconic robot: BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I think it’s safe to say that we’re in good hands.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017.