‘Power Rangers’ Trailer 2: Zordon & Alpha 5 Make Their Debut!

Power Rangers is looking to be one of the more unpredictable titles to hit theaters this year. The first trailer that it certainly inspired a great deal of interest, but it couldn’t help but garner a little bit of criticism for the similar tone it has to Chronicle. Additionally, the visual effects for the project were always going to be a hit or miss. As a movie that’s based on an over-the-top, cheesy TV show, its source of inspiration isn’t exactly the highest of quality.

With that in mind, the film seemed to be facing a losing prospect. If it looked too good, it runs the risk of losing what made the series so good, but if it’s too bad…well, I think that’s pretty self-explanatory. No one wants an ugly movie — especially one based on one of their favorite shows from their childhood.

Finally, however, Lionsgate has revealed a second trailer for their film, and with it, they seem to put a lot of negative speculation to rest. Take a look.

In addition to our first real look at the suits, the Zords, and the CG effects of the movie, we also get introduced to two key characters from the Power Rangers mythos: Alpha 5 and Zordon. The former is a robot that assists the Rangers in their missions from the command center, and Zordon is the alien being who brings them together for the good of the universe. Alpha 5 is likely best known for his catchphrase, “Aye yi yi yi yi!” which he yells out whenever he’s frustrated. Based on the one second of him in the clip, it looks like they’re going for a more smart aleck approach for him, which is great. Zordon is definitely the more difficult of the two to tackle, as he’s just one giant face. However, the visual approach taken for the movie is, at the very least, interesting. We’ll have to have a closer look in the coming months before we make a solid judgment on that.

All in all, however, as a Power Rangers fan growing up, I have to say, all this is quite promising.

Power Rangers hits theaters on March 24, 2017!