Sony To Create An ‘Incubator’ For Up-and-coming Horror Films

Sony Pictures’ genre label, known as Screen Gems, will partner with Ground Control to open the Screen Gems’ Horror Lab, a measure aimed at providing development and production for horror genre proof-of-concepts.

The lab will collaborate with up-and-coming filmmakers to produce horror shorts with the goal of developing such new, original content into feature-length films. Scott Glassgold of Ground Control will serve as producer on the proof-of-concepts and prospective feature adaptations.

Ground Control, which has had significant success in setting up shorts to film adaptations, has begun the search for a fresh source of diverse filmmakers worldwide who have strong, original concepts.

“With proof-of-concepts emerging as a reliable source material for feature films,” says Ground Control’s Glassgold, “the aim is to work with filmmakers at the incubation stage to help actualize their concepts and grow the material organically through the development process. We are providing a one-of-a-kind launch pad for horror filmmakers and the films of tomorrow.”

Sony’s Screen Gems, too, has already been involved early efforts of genre auteurs such as directors Fede Alvarez, Paul W.S. Anderson, Scott Derrickson, and more.

“We envision the Door Lab as another step in the evolution of our label as a leading genre supplier,” says Screen Gems’ Steve Bersch. “We pride ourselves on supporting next generation creatives and see this as another way to bring exciting new talent and ideas to global audiences.