Tearjerker on “Once Upon a Time”

Leaving Hook behind, the heroes reunite in Storybrooke and catch up with Hades who had lied to trap them in Hades. He now plans to take it over the town.

Meanwhile Hook, with help from King Arthur, searches for the missing storybook pages in the Underworld thinking it could help Emma and the gang defeat Hades.

When Regina and Robin find out that Hades has the baby they devise their own scheme to get her back, while Emma tries to convince Selena that true love has not changed Hades’ evil ways.

Hades tries to kill Regina but Robin sacrifices himself to save her. Selena finally realizes that Hades has not changed and kills him.

Now there are 2 grieving for their lost love – Regina for Robin and Emma for Hook. However, Hook is rewarded for his good deed in finding the missing storybook pages to defeat Hades and is returned to earth.

Happy Ending? Not quite – Rumple has his own evil plans.

Don’t miss the 2 hour season finale next Monday on ABC.