‘The Hunger Games’ Earns $68 Million Opening Day


We all know this weekend is going to be consumed with Hunger Games news (totally not complaining). And it looks like Lionsgate has struck gold.

According to estimates, The Hunger Games was a massive success at the box office yesterday earning $68.3 million. With that, The Hunger Games earns the honor of the best opening day ever for a nonsequel and the fifth highest of all time. You go Katniss!

The midnight showing alone raked in $19.7 million. While that doesn’t beat the records made by Twilight or Harry Potter, it is still on its way to earn $140-150 million opening weekend, securing its place among franchises.

Did you see The Hunger Games at midnight? Do you plan on seeing it this weekend? I’m going to see it in exactly… 1 hour and 40 minutes. Not like I’m counting down or anything…