The Switch – a New Topic for Movies

These days, romantic comedies always seem to have something to do with a bride and groom, a potential bride and groom, an unlikely marriage.. or, you know, something of that sort. The Switch takes the romantic comedy genre to a different level, offering up the ‘what happens when..?’ In this case, the story is about a man and a woman and a relationship. But in this movie? It isn’t simply about them.

The story revolves around Wally (played by Jason Bateman) and his best friend Kassie (Jennifer Aniston). Kassie is a progressive woman, ready to have a child – with or without a man to truly assist her. Wally is in love with Kassie, and completely expecting her to ask him to be the “father” of the baby. She shocks him by announcing that his role in this will be to help her find the perfect man.

Wally, stung, does his best to do his best-friend duties, but ends up making a switch—in the most literal sense—that could have potentially altered the experience Kassie is about to embark on.

Cut to seven years later. Kassie has moved away with her son and lived a normal life, when she comes back to see Wally again. He is so caught off guard by her son. He is so strikingly familiar that he wonders if he really did play a more serious role in the birthing of this child.

What happens when he comes to realize all of this? Does he finally make a move? That’s what makes this movie so interesting. It’s completely unlike other romantic comedies, how many have you seen that revolve around the topic of whose donor sperm was used to birth a baby?

Not many. Or any.

The movie became what it is because of a short story, “Baster”, written by Jeffrey Eugenides. The producer, Nathan Kahane, took on the project excitedly because he “felt it had a totally fresh approach to a very unique subject.”

The thing about this movie is that even though the premise seems far-fetched, it is still completely relatable. Right now, relationships don’t always seem to work out as the fairy tales of the past. Women are climbing the ranks in the corporate world as quickly as men and, subsequently, they’re finding themselves in more difficult situations when it comes to finding a man, settling down, and starting a family.

Jennifer Aniston is the queen bee of romantic comedies. The audiences will really connect with her throughout the movie. They will appreciate her struggles that she faces which lead to her decision to embark on the parenting process alone, and then what she ultimately has to face once Wally meets what could potentially be his child.

All audiences truly want are to see something that they can relate to, that they haven’t seen 15 times before- and with The Switch, the audiences will be getting just that- a different kind of romantic comedy, with a relatable and hilarious cast to help them plow through what could be a difficult topic.