Wretch - “The Blair Witch On Acid”

In an attempt to piece together fractured memories of a drug-fueled night in the woods, three friends confront guilt, jealousy, and a supernatural presence that threatens to expose their true natures. Wretch is written and directed by Brian Cunningham, whose previous films include the horror-comedy Overtime, the acclaimed haunted house documentary Monsters Wanted, and the recent Loss Prevention, starring former WWE Superstar Al Snow and veteran actor Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, Commando). “We wanted to make a movie that would satisfy the die-hard horror audience but also create different levels of fear and anxiety,” says Cunningham. “The movie ended up being a character study wrapped in a monster movie, and we’re really excited to hear what people think.” Focusing on practical effects and the “less is more” approach to filmmaking, Wretch tells its story out-of-order with a mixture of found footage and traditional cinematography. “We wanted to play with the ideas of strange perspectives and voyeurism,” says Cunningham. “The goal was to create a sense of paranoia where the characters and the audience aren’t 100% sure whose perspective we’re seeing at any given moment. It really helped create a sense of suspense.” Wretch is now available on iTunes, OnDemand, and everywhere movies are sold.