Writer/Director Tony Germinario Interview for ‘Bad Frank’

Bad Frank tells the story of Frank Pierce who leads a seemingly normal life, but when a disturbing past reemerges & something precious is taken from him, his mask of sanity loosens & unearths the urge to be violent once again.

Tony Germinario, writer/director of hit VOD offering Bad Frank, learnt a lot while working on the terrifically-reviewed thriller – like whether or not it’s even possible for an indie film to get a wide theatrical release in 2017.

Beautiful looking film – what do you film it on?

Thanks! We filmed it on the read. My DP (director of photography), Mike Hechanova, is a genius.

Was it important to you that the film have as much substance as it did style?

Of course. You always want a film to look good, but if you don’t have the depth behind it, you’re never going to get anywhere. One of the coolest thing about the film is that people talk about the story and the meaning afterwards. If it was all style, they’d never do that.

One can only imagine that some of today’s newspaper headlines might have played muse to the script?

Ha! Actually, I almost never dream or at least I never remember them.

Why were Gravitas Ventures the right outfit to bring Bad Frank to us?

They were able to get us on all the right platforms. We were hoping to get a limited theatrical, but that’s almost impossible nowadays for an unknown film maker with an 80k budget. Theaters today are taken up by all the big budget films, but by getting on the right platforms, we can use our social media strategies to get in front of millions of people. Hopefully!

The film is available on VOD. How is it going for you?

As far as I know it’s going great. We were up on the top indie films on iTunes for several weeks. We’ve been getting great reviews and did well on the festival circuit, so it all helps. VOD is really the wave of the future for films, if it isn’t here already. I think films in theaters will turn into more of an event like a play, and home viewing will be how people watch most new releases.

Was a theatrical release ever part of the plan?

Ha! It was always part of the plan, but when a 12 theater complex has three theaters showing a Marvel movie with an IMAX and 3D thrown in, that leaves nothing for us. Don’t get me wrong, I love Marvel as much as the next guy and I’m sitting there on opening night, but I also like to see films that tell different types of stories and there is a limited outlet for those.

Have you seen the film on a big screen though? Do you think it loses anything when ported to VOD?

I’ve seen the film on every possible format you can imagine. I don’t think it really loses anything visually because my DP did such a good job. The biggest thing is sound. Sound design played a major part in the film, so if you’re watching on VOD or your phone, you may have to crank it to pick up on some of the subtleties that are there.

Do you believe VOD is the way of the future?

Do you yourself prefer a physical product – a DVD or Blu-ray – over dialing something up on the internet though? Or have you been won over by VOD, too?

I’m a little bit old school, so I do like having something in my hand, but I’ve gotten plenty of films on VOD. Including BAD FRANK!

Thanks so much for the interview. I really appreciate the support.