3 Doors Down’s Latest Album: Time of My Life


Years (and years) ago, 3 Doors Down blew audiences away with their hit single, “Kryptonite”. The Better Life album then went on to go platinum six times over, before 3 Doors Down released their next successful album, Away From The Sun. “Kryptonite” was pure 3 Doors Down sound, combining the now-familiar vocals of Brad Arnold, building guitar elements, and simplistic (but catchy) hooks and lyrics. Today, hearing that same-old familiar 3 Doors Down sound, for many, brings back a variety of thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, the newest album from 3 Doors Down, entitled Time of My Life, does nothing to stray from their familiar sound or stir up familiar feelings from albums long passed.

The opening riffs of “Time of My Life” start the album, and hint at a familiar and standard 3 Doors Down sound. From there, the album transitions into various ballads and rock songs with “Heaven” and “Every Time You Go”. The entire album seems radio-ready, using tight-laced guitars, drums, and lyrics to define and solidify the familiar and trusted sound audiences will recognize as 3 Doors Down.

As the album concludes with “The Silence Remains,” fans of 3 Doors Down will appreciate the slower ballad finishing a tested and familiar rock style. However, songs like “When You’re Young,” that delve into what its like being a teenager, seems out of place from a group of thirty-something rockers looking for corporate approval and their latest album on the radio.

3 Doors Down has a tried-and-true album with Time of My Life. Amplifying a sound that they have shown a knack for over the last decade, they continue that formula with their latest album, and hope that familiar fans will continue to flock to their shows. Otherwise, you can certainly wait to hear the songs on the radio or hold out for something that might be a little more diverse for your palate.