B-Real and Demrick Smoke the Competition in “Angels Come Calling”

B-Real and Demrick have released visuals to a track “Angels Come Calling” off their collaborative mixtape Serial Killers, Vol.1. The video was shot at the recent Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino. B-Real received the “highest” honors as “Stoner of the Year”. B-Real also posed for High Time Magazine cover with Method Man, Redman, and Snoop Dogg, who make cameo appearances in the video. Of course, green is the running color throughout the video.

B-Real’s flow has not aged after all his years in hip-hop. He can spit it better than most can. Demrick really delivers on the hook of the same with a catchy, soulful, and raw feel all wrapped into one. The song is very mellow and goes nicely with the subject matter and the visuals.

B-Real, Demrick, and Xzibit’s collaborative mixtape Serial Killers, Vol.1 is out now.