Cape Francis Releases New Single “Nobody”

Cape Francis follow up their 2017 debut LP Falling Into Pieces with a respite from the daily grind on the gritty pop tune “Nobody”, a fall-infused track that acts as an escape for a moment to get your bearings, to find yourself in the serenity of putting it all on hold and finding yourself some space. Speaking to the new song Cape Francis’ Kevin Olken Henthorn says that “living in New York City can be incredibly overwhelming, especially coming from my home state of Maine. Living here, it feels like there’s always someone else in a 30 foot radius of me at all times. Even if they’re in a different apartment, through the walls, someone is always there. More and more I’ve been feeling the need to get out, which is why “Nobody” is a song centered around escapism.

Technology ties us in a loop with everyone 24/7, we’re surrounded by never ending news feeds of dread, and it can defeat the human spirit. There is hardly ever any reflection time in any given day to tackle everything we perceive. I wrote this song as a recharge, as a way to take a moment from everything and reproach it with a clearer perspective. It’s sounds stupid, simple and cheesy, but it’s really a basic human need that is so easily and often forgotten.

Cape Francis is the solo project of Kevin Olken Henthorn, former singer/songwriter of Stone Cold Fox. After the break up of a band that worked heavily in traditional pop structures and production, Henthorn started the new project as a way to break form and reconnect to a natural flow of instrumentation and storytelling.

Henthorn started playing guitar when he was 9 years old. He studied music with teachers ranging from classical to blues to metal, but by the time he was 15 he decided to commit solely to writing his own material. For Henthorn, writing was a way to learn and push his fundamentals and discovery became intrinsic to each new piece he wrote.

Cape Francis was meant as a way to return to that mentality, to re-approach a relationship with an instrument after years of feeling stuck in indie rock power-chords. Cape Francis pulls from folk and modern influences alike to bring the listener to a feel good place where familiarity and discovery are both at the forefront.