DMX Is A Free Man – Released From Prison July 19th, 2011


DMX is officially out of prison! We talked about DMX last week when footage of Swizz Beatz commenting on X’s legal battles surfaced. Swizz said in the interview with that “I’ll always work with DMX; that’s my brother no matter what, X was a winner already. Now it’s just a matter of getting that title back. Bottom line is, he’s a winner. It’s just on when he wants to win again; it’s all up to him.”

Well now, Swizz and other artists alike may finally have that chance to work with the legendary Ruff Ryder again.

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was released from an Arizona prison on Tuesday (July 19th, 2011) after spending seven months behind bars for violating probation. This particular incarceration is his eleventh (by my count). The rapper walked out of jail in Yuma, in far western Arizona, and was met by a member of his management team, a security guard and a driver.

Manager Nakai Walker told MSNBC News in a telephone interview, “His first words to me were: ‘I’m home,”‘ then added that X called his wife upon his release and plans to see his two-month-old daughter.

“I spoke to my daughter, I just got off the phone with my wife,” DMX told “I’m going to go see my daughter while the sun is up then I’m going to be in the studio man.”

DMX, age forty, was jailed in December after telling a judge that he broke the rules of his probation by drinking alcohol during a concert in Scottsdale, Arizona, refusing to submit to a drug test, and other minor infractions.

He had originally received probation for attempted aggravated assault and using a fake name to avoid paying a $7,500 hospital bill.

“Our goal is to keep DMX on the right track, and get him back to work,” a member of X’s inner circle told reporters.

Walker added “I can tell you one thing, he’s not going to be going back there (to prison) again.”

So what’s next for X now that he is a free man? According to sources, DMX is currently lining up a number of shows and fielding offers for television, movie and recording projects.

Reps for DMX confirmed that he was in serious negotiations with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, although an official offer has yet to be made.

DMX is currently being managed by Built For War Management/UMMG (United Music & Media Group), while his bookings are handled by Carl “Blacksmif” Smith.

Walker said X plans to return to an Arizona recording studio to finish work on a yet-to-be named new album, which will include a single with fellow rapper Busta Rhymes.

“Earl has so much more to offer the world. His latest project has been on hold for so long! It is now time for X to redefine the world of hip-hop with his highly anticipated album of inspirational, painful & street accredited rhymes. It is time to let the Dog out of the kennel,” added Walker right before X and crew jumped in a slew of black SUV’s and left the correctional facility.

This is news that I am very excited about. I mentioned in the Swizz Beatz/DMX article how I thought that a very strong possibility for X was that he is going to get out of prison this time and just take the entire rap game over. He is going to come out of the cell explosive and passionate taking back the rap game rightfully so, stomping on and murdering all bubblegum-pop emcees. This is undoubtedly what needs to happen for X. After being arrested and incarcerated close to a dozen times, I firmly believe that he just needs to throw himself into his work and get back on top; I think that there is so much untapped potential still lying beneath the surface. However, then again, I am sure that is easier said than done. Either way, I just hope that DMX stays out of trouble long enough to release his newest album that has already been halted various times. I mean, a new single with DMX and Busta Rhymes? Who isn’t excited for that?

I’m pumped, but we want to know what you think. Do you think that DMX is going to remain clean and out of jail or is he going to fall victim to the same self-destructive ways that have caused him so much trouble in the past? I honestly think that it’s 50/50.

DMX, just know that all of hip-hop is backing you, and we want you to do well and be prosperous. The game needs you, X, and that’s all there is to it.

You’re home. Time to Party Up and let ‘em know Who We Be.


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