Flawes Releases Brand New Single "When We Were Young"

British alt-pop trio Flawes release their brand new track ‘When We Were Young’ on March 15 via Red Bull Records. The song, the second in a series of three to be released by the London band, follows their recent release ‘Don’t Count Me Out’, which has been gathering critical acclaim since its release in February.

A nostalgic summer anthem, ‘When We Were Young’ was born in L.A with producer Drew Pearson (Kesha, Kygo, Galantis), before finding its ‘80s inspired influences back home in the UK. Filled with Flawes’ statement shimmering electronics and charisma, the track’s rich craftsmanship speaks of the exploration and concept of a life lead differently.

Flawes said: “Sometimes in life you find yourself questioning decisions you’ve made, whether they’re from your past or present, and it’s crazy to think how one small choice made differently could have changed everything you know to be true now. It’s reminiscent for us, like If you knew what you’d become when you were a kid, would you have done anything differently?”