Future Villains New Single – “Back to Hell”

Back to Hell is the second single to be released off the upcoming EP by Future Villains.

“Back to Hell is a straight up Bish Bash rock n roll song. That kinda mid tempo groove that makes ya either wanna shake your booty or float down a desert road in a 64 lincoln. Or both. Sometimes less is more and with this album we traded in some of our technicality for simplicity and this song shows just that. With the writing of the album there was a vibe we had, a sound we were going for, and lyrically we had to match that. Over time we began calling that sound/vibe (Voodoo gypsy/Voodoo Boogie/Voodoo metal). This song sits right in there with exactly what we were going for. The lyrics are cohesive with our album art as there is a witch controlling us like puppets. It tells a story of a witch putting us under a spell, so you better run for your life if you don’t want to end up like us!! And it has a talkbox in the main riff so it’s cool. Its super groovy cool!.”